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Andrey Ahaltsev

Andrey Ahaltsev, outstanding restorer, gifted artist

This artist is better known as an outstanding restorer who is specialising in frescoes painting in Orthodox Christian cathedrals. Only very special people can do this hard work. It needs to be a true Christian, spiritual person and a great artist who is able to spend months and months working on scaffolds painting a cathedral ceiling to restore it to its former glory. He took part in a lot of restoration works in a lot of ancient Christian churches including The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The artist graduated from the Surikov Art Academy in 1972 and he is a full member of United Artists Association. During his trip to Ceylon, being under impression, the artist created a few paintings in exotic style: Ceylon wet season; Buddhist shrines; Ceylon fishermen; Good catch fishing, which we have the honor to represent in our gallery. The paintings are not quite typical for such religious artist like him, but the paintings may be very interesting for collectors, just have a look at them.